One to One

A one to one tailored class is personal to your own needs, One-to-one yoga classes can help you gain a more thorough understanding of yoga, I will work closely with you to understand and create a program which will be suited for you .

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Yoga for All

Classes to suit all abilities, everyone is welcome and encouraged, These classes vary each week, with the focus on the energy of the class as a whole, expect to be guided each week into releasing tension from the body and mind. We always finish with aiming to create a deep sense of relaxation to fully release and let go. I encourage everyone to meet their own limits & challenges, without pushing past their edge. 

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Yoga for Climbers

Yoga for climbers is a class specifically catered for climbers. Open to all abilities, this class will reinforce body-mind connection and aid climbers with their training.  The focus is on building core strength and opening areas of the body that are put under strain during climbing, such as the hips, shoulders, neck and back. The class will help prevent cramps, release tension, develop mindfulness and clarity, promote balance and self awareness of the body. There will be an emphasis on the breath, subtle bodily awareness, meditation and rehabilitation whilst acquiring acceptance and contentment with an open mind.

Yoga for climbers classes are available on MoveGB.

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"I started yoga with Ness as a complete beginner looking to improve flexibility and reduce stiffness after years of football. Ness’s class is an excellent, accessible introduction to yoga with her simple and creative descriptions of how to execute poses a huge help for the beginner. Ness has helped me seamlessly incorporate yoga in to my exercise routine which has improved my flexibility and helped keep me injury free. The biggest testament I can pay to her is that I look forward to yoga classes every week."


"Attending Ness's yoga classes brings a sense of calm, balance and well-being to my life. She has a natural ability of making everyone feel welcome no matter what their ability is, encouraging us to laugh and to challenge ourselves always respecting difference. I have been attending Ness’s yoga classes and having private lessons for over two years now and have followed her around Bristol to attend different classes in different settings. I would recommend her to everyone, if you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner she can add depth and meaning to your practice. Truly a great teacher and one that makes me smile and laugh every session"


"After a hectic week I really look forward to my Yoga class, I have felt perfectly at ease with Ness who is very considerate and in tune with her students. Over the last 18 months i have enjoyed her teachings."


I had always struggled with trying to find the right balance with yoga classes, either they were too slow or too intense. Ness's classes are the perfect balance. Ness is professional, warm and friendly. I love going to her classes, they never feel competitive and are always extremely rewarding.


"I really like Ness' style of teaching. I like her voice, her vibe and the way she explains things. She pushes us in a gentle way. It's a perfect way to start the weekend - it aids by body and soul. If I didn't like her class I wouldn't go to it - simple!"


"I am fairly new to yoga, and Ness has been amazing towards me. She will always ask if there are any particular 'aches and pains' she should be aware of (particularly relevant to me as a slightly older class member!). When I first started, I was unsure if I would enjoy yoga, but a year or so with Ness and I am hooked! Thank you Ness."