Yoga really is for every-body.  Yoga can increase your all round wellbeing, physical and mental.

I believe Yoga can help to relieve injuries, illness, mental health issues, aches & pains and generally improve all round wellbeing. Yoga should never be about ‘the perfect pose’ & reaching an end destination, but about your state of mind & being a constant journey of discovery.

Gaining my qualification in 2011, and taking further training finishing in 2015, I'm a fully qualified 500hr+ Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance International. Continuing to study every opportunity that arises. 

My classes encourage students to practice within the range of movement available to them to provide a safe, relaxing and inclusive environment. Everyone is welcome no matter what their ability is, I encourage laughter and to challenge yourself always respecting that your body is different on different days and to challenge your mind not necessarily pushing your body where it does not want to go.

My interest is in cultivating an internal awareness. I have been fortunate to have been taught by many wonderful teachers and continue to follow the teachings that inspire me.

My love in life is the great outdoors, being out in nature. I find spending time outdoors essential to my happiness. I have been climbing since I can remember, loving the outdoors is essentially what climbing means to me, it's taken me all around the world to some of the most beautiful places. 

I also love and value being at home, having time to myself, with friends or family and good conversation. This is all part of keeping a good balance.